Unity in Renewal: Webster Clean-Up

Uniting Rochester U and Faith Works for a major pre-construction community clean-up in October.

floor removal by group of students from rochester university with fw member in old school class room

About the project

October, 2023


As autumn leaves began their descent, students from Rochester University joined hands with Faith Works at Micah 6, embarking on a critical clean-up operation. Their target: the soon-to-be-renovated Webster Community Center and its surroundings, a site longing for rejuvenation.

Inside the old school, volunteers energetically cleared away years of accumulated wear. Floors were torn up, debris whisked into dumpsters, and the exterior tidied, preparing the ground for the transformation to come.

This joint venture was not just about renovation; it was about fostering connections across communities and organizations, setting the stage for the major crews with a spirit of collaboration and hope.

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