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Faith Works FAQ:


1.  Who Does Faith Works Serve?

Faith Works serves people in need, which includes widows, single-parents, elderly, the disabled, veterans & low income individuals.  In addition to serving these individuals, Faith Works supports non-profit organizations that serve these individuals.


2.  How Does Faith Works Serve Others?

Faith Works is a volunteer organization; there are no paid employees, all work is performed by volunteers.  If Faith Works does not have the expertise or resources to complete a project with appropriate approval, it may hire licensed, insured contractors to complete a project.  The day to day operations of Faith Works are managed by its Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) with governance and oversight by a Board of Directors. All officers and board members are volunteers and are appointed and approved by the Board of Directors. As a volunteer organization, Faith Works also works with the next generation to mentor, encourage and empower them to volunteer to serve others.   


3.  What Services Does Faith Works Provide?

Faith Works’ services include:

  • For homeowners – Home repair and improvement projects to keep them safe and improve the quality of their living conditions

  • For disabled individuals – Projects to improve the quality of their lives which, may include but are not limited to the building (or purchase) of disability ramps, purchase of equipment or transportation not covered by insurance or other resources

  • For non-profits – Construction and building improvement projects for organizations that do not have the resources to complete the project


4.  How are Projects and Expenditures Approved?

If a request received by Faith Works meets the requirements above it is classified as a small, large or major project before it is approved as an accepted project.  Below is the process for a request to be approved as a project and the approval of financial expenditures:

  • Small Project – The estimated expenditures are less than $1,000 and the project is expected to be completed in a short time frame (one or few visits).  If a Faith Works member who is an approved project leader, volunteers to lead the project he/she can approve the project, organize the resources to complete the project and approve total expenditures on the project up to $1,000.

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