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Background on the Faith Works Story:

• After completing the small group study “The Truth Project”, the seven founders of Faith Works prayed on how to serve those in need and God answered their prayers with Faith Works.

• 2010 – First project completed. Painted a house and completed deck repairs for a disabled single woman homeowner.

• 2011 – Faith Works is the General Contractor and other Faith Works members volunteer to help build a house in Westland for Life Remodeled in 6 days.

• 2010-11 - Completes 42 projects, including: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, painting and providingaccessibility with ramps & bathroom improvements (similar to the types of projects completed today).

• 2012 – Faith Works Michigan is approved for 501c-3 tax exempt status retroactive to its founding in May 2010.

• 2013 – Faith Works completes an addition to a home for a woman who is blind and has other disabilities so she can live independently. This project led to the start of major projects in 2014 and continuing today:

➢ 2014 – Completes a home addition in 6 days for a family that adopted “at risk” children doubling the size of the home by expanding the kitchen, adding 2 bedrooms and a disability accessible bathroom; also built a stand-alone garage

➢ 2015 – Purchases a mobile home for a single mother with a disabled child, and renovated it to be fully handicap accessible

➢ 2016 – Completes an addition to a home in Waterford by adding 2 bedrooms and a disability accessible bathroom in 6 days

➢ 2017 – Purchases a mobile home for a family with a disabled child and renovated it for handicap accessibility

In 8 years, over 80 Faith Works volunteers have completed well over 300 projects and spent over $400,000; and in 2017 volunteered nearly 10,000 hours serving those in need. The co-founders could never have imagined what God planned for Faith Works. With support from people like you, Faith Works will continue to complete the mission God has for us.

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